ProRes 422 Conversion for After Effects (Windows)

[Update] Since Adobe CC19, the export in prores 422 is available directly, this plugin is no longer needed :)

The ProRes 422 video format is widely used in the world of audiovisual, but it was not possible to encode in this format using the Windows version of After Effects (Apple has not made it possible). That is why we have developed this plugin, which allows to quickly and easily convert one or multiple video files to this format.


To install this plugin, download the .zip, unzip it, and copy the contents in the folder: ../Adobe/Adobe After Effects CSx/Support Files/Scripts

Launch After Effects and click ProResConverter.jsx, which appeared at the bottom of the menu « Window ». Finally, in the Preferences> General, check « Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network. »


Simply select the file to convert and click « Convert to ProRes ». The plugin can’t directly encode a composition, only video files supported by ffmpeg (there are many).

The converter will only change the video encoding, you must ensure that the original format has the settings you want, for example fields or sound. However, this plugin uses ffmpeg, and there is a text box where you can add the desired settings (available here), if necessary. Add, for example,-ar 44100 to encode the sound at 44100Hz. The only limitations you will encounter are those of ffmpeg.


This plugin is compatible CC, CS6, CS5.5 and not tested yet on CS5 and CS4.